Is your time and attention. Most of us would sooner hand a stranger $5 then give them our time and attention. Therefor the most valuable commodity in your busy life, is truly your time and attention.

What do focus your time and attention on? Wherever you put your attention, grows. Pretty simple math really, but do you realize what it is you are focusing on each day, day in and day out?

They say each of us has 85,000 thoughts in a day and 95% of those thoughts are the same thoughts we had yesterday. Are you aware of what is in your mind and what you pay attention to each day? Your mind goes to the same habitual thought patterns over and over again, so think about what yours are.

Basically if you focus on work, work grows. When you focus on your relationship, it gets better. Kind of like tending a garden really. I have planted my little seedlings and every day I check to see if they have sprouted and how much. The next step will be taking my babies outside and into the garden. But if my attention goes somewhere else anytime over the next six months and I forget to check my garden, fungus may grow and ruin my tomatoes. So I must put time and attention on my garden each and every day. It’s the same thing in your life. If you want to manifest your soul mate then you must put effort towards that end, same thing with a new job or place to life.

I was blessed to find meditation and yoga in my 20’s and they have been the foundation of my life for the past  thirty years. That means daily for thirty years I take time to meditate and do yoga. These practices ground me and fill my soul enabling me to live a happy and contented life. From that centered space I go out and live my life. Therefor I have spent my precious commodity of my time and attention on cultivating my inner world every day for thirty years. So when you plant a tomato seed a tomato plant grows and you get tomatoes. When you plant the seed of happiness and contentment, then happiness grows. Whatever you put your time and attention on, will grow.

So again, I ask the question, where does your mind go each day? Are you grateful or do you always want more, or both!? What is your overall attitude each day? If you are 80% happy then you will draw happiness to you. If you are 80% frustrated then that is what you will see. Because what we see in the world, is what we are on the inside. What your mind thinks about each day will tell you what you have planted in the fertile garden soil of your consciousness that creates your future!

Being present and living in the moment is another key to this equation. How many times do you arrive at work and don’t recall the drive? Or in the middle of chatting with a friend, do you all of sudden realize that you did not hear the last several minutes of what they were saying. You were caught up in your own mind thinking about something else you obviously found more important or intriguing then what your friend was sharing. It happens to all of us. The mind is powerful and potent and sometimes people find their thoughts more interesting then what is happening in the moment.