What does your life say?

corrine smileHow we live our life speaks about who we are at our core. What is your answer to the rocking chair question? You know, when you are 98 years old and sitting on your porch in a rocking chair and you look back on your life. Do you have any regrets? Would you change anything? More time with family and less working? Those kinds of questions.

After I closed down my yoga studio over ten years ago, financially and emotionally bankrupt, I realized that life is not about goals and accomplishments but living day to day. How we live our lives speaks volumes about who we are. One of my favorite sayings is that ‘you can move a mountain, but it must be one stone at a time.’ So you can live the life you choose at any given time but it happens by living each day  with rituals and habits that create the life we choose.

The question is how do we motivate ourselves to change these deep patterns of the old stuck rituals that create the life we don’t want anymore? There are a few techniques that I use in my Coaching practice. Simply visualize yourself one month, one year, ten years and even thirty years from now living the life you are leading now. If nothing changes where will you be? How will your life affect your body? Your family and partner? Your job? Then turn it around and visualize the life you will have if you do make the changes that you have been meaning to make. Where will you be one month, ten years and even thirty years from now? How will that affect your body?

Then if that is not enough to make you shift, create a consequence, something you have to do if you don’t starting moving that stone each day. An example would be 3 hours of volunteer work for every day that goes by that you don’t create rituals and habits for positive change. We are human beings and a part of nature. If we don’t grow, we die.  You can’t change your life over night, but you can do it over a year. A lot can happen in a year. Isn’t the life we lead, our living legacy?

Have a beautiful day. Live each day in gratitude and every moment in awareness.