Awareness Yoga 

Balance your body, heal your heart

Awareness Yoga is a transformative practice that offers profound relaxation and physical healing. By reducing the sympathetic/stress response and promoting the parasympathetic/rest and digest system, Awareness Yoga fosters optimal health and balance within the body.

Awareness Yoga is a transformative style that focuses on the release and opening of the spine to unravel deep layers of tension and facilitate profound physical, mental, and emotional healing. With its emphasis on precise alignments and supported poses, Awareness Yoga aims to cultivate inner awareness, promote relaxation, and create space for self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Whether you are a first-time practitioner or a seasoned yogi, our classes are suitable for all levels.

Yoga, derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj,” signifies the union of the individual mind with universal consciousness. In English, the root of the word “yoga” traces back to the biblical term “yoke.”

Join us at the Ivy House and explore the profound union of body, mind, and spirit through the transformative practice of Awareness Yoga.

We currently offer a 90 minute Awareness Yoga class every Saturday at 11am. This class is taught by Ashlea Davis and Lindsey Walker. 

Message from Ashlea: 
Hi my name is Ashlea. I have lived in Nashville since 2008 and I am originally from Michigan and a proud member of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi tribe. I have found that a daily meditation practice offers me much clarity and joy, and I love to share the gift of meditation and stillness with my students. I find so much value in guiding my students to self-realization through the practice of yoga beyond the postures and helping them to develop a practice of self-care through turning inward. When I’m not practicing or teaching yoga, you can find me spending time with my two kids, baking something sweet or enjoying a good meal.




Message from Lindsey: 
Hi, my name is Lindsey! I am a RYT 500 hour instructor. I have been practicing yoga for the last 8 years and teaching for the last 5 years. Yoga has brought so much light into my life as well as a wonderful Nashville community of some truly amazing humans. Since 2015, I have been living in Nashville with my dog named Leia but originally I am from New York. When I am not on my mat, you can find me outside exploring, reading, cooking and traveling with my boyfriend Carson. I love to travel and explore the world so please share your favorite travels with me before or after class. I am so excited to be teaching Awareness Yoga at The Ivy House and to meet all of you.



Awareness Yoga Immersion YTT
(Yoga Teacher Training)

The Awareness Yoga Immersion is not only a training in a deeply profound and healing yoga but also a retreat and deep release for your own body. Different than other Restorative Yoga styles, Awareness Yoga provides a unique understanding and opening of the spine, sacrum and pelvis area stimulating the parasympathetic/rest and digest healing response in the body.

Whether you want to attend as a deep retreat for your own body or you want to learn to help others, this yoga is for beginners and advanced yogis alike. This 50-hour training will give you the confidence you need to help many different body shapes, sizes and problems.

Email to register or to ask more questions.

Yoga Immersion Level I over 2 weekends
Friday 6pm to 9pm
Saturday, 8am to 6pm
Sunday, 8am to 6pm 

Immersion Price:
$875 early registration is 45 days prior to event.
(payment due in full upon registration unless worked out with Corrine)

$950 regular registration
You will receive an Awareness Yoga manual that includes detailed photos and descriptions of each pose that we cover. We will be studying about 16 poses in great detail including recommend verbiage to explain each pose both to yourself and others.

The Awareness Yoga Immersion Training is held over two profoundly restorative weekends. I tell people that one of the best reasons to take a training such as this is so that you know how to fix your own body. I remember being very excited before my very first training back in 1995, to be able to come home and do yoga on my own at home. Once you feel it in your own body, only then can you start to think about sharing it with others. It is a 45 hour Immersion Training held at the Ivy House.

Testimonials from past participants in the Immersion:
From Dr. Eddi: As a naturopathic doctor, my purpose in participating in the Immersive Teacher Training yoga program at the Ivy House was to enhance and deepen my personal yoga practice. However I quickly came to realize that this had a ripple effect because I teach many of the elements/poses to my patients almost every day in my private practice clinic in Canada. I never had planned to teach yoga but it’s somehow found a beautiful expression in my practice. Corrine is an amazing teacher and friend and made every moment exceptional. I have studied many yoga teachings over the years and I truly feel this yoga practice fits perfectly in my lifestyle.

From Kurt W: The Awareness yoga Immersion was been a huge turning point in my physical and emotional well being. Old injuries that had been an issue for years have resolved over the course of a few months practice and I use the techniques and poses almost daily to take care of aches and pains or to loosen up after strenuous physical activity. The emotional stress that I’ve held in my body disappears after an Awareness yoga session as well! I’m deeply grateful for Corrine for introducing me to this profound healing practice.

Whether you want to attend as a deep retreat for your own body or you want to learn to help others, this yoga is for beginners and advanced yogis alike. This 45-hour training will give you the confidence and skills you need to help all types of people relax and find profound states of healing within themselves.

To register or if you have any questions, email me

Embodyment with Corrine
(Private Yoga Therapy)

Embodyment is a hands on healing therapy done fully clothed. It lasts about an hour and sends the individual into a profound state of healing. It is not energy work but utilizes each person’s own para-sympathetic nervous system which is the healing system in the body. One embodyment has the same healing affects on the nervous system as six weeks of Awareness yoga.

“Embodyment is the most effective healing technique I have ever done or had done on me.”

Email: for more information.