What do you focus on?

corrine smileWhat is in your mind every day, day in and day out? The latest statistics show that we have 85,000 thoughts in a day and 95% of those are the same thoughts we had yesterday! What you think about, you bring about.

Just take a look at people you know. Doesn’t your best friends life reflect what is in his or her head? How about your parents? Can you see where they are at is a reflection of their beliefs, limitations and dreams?

I have been studying with Tony Robbins this past year for my Coaching Certification. Tony was in Hawaii doing an Emotional Mastery Retreat on September 11, 2001. There were over 2,000 people from 30 different countries asleep in their beds while on the east coast two planes had hit the World Trade Centers.

Tony considered canceling the Workshop and then realized this is what emotional mastery is all about. The entire day was recorded on video and it is a part of my studies. Here are a few highlights.

What Tony helped people to realize is that we do our emotions. Our emotions don’t just happen to us. We do anger, we do guilt, we do regret, we do depression, we do sadness and we do rage. Out of 6,000 emotions available to express in the English language, most of us utilize less then 12. When tragedy strikes we ‘do’ the same emotions that we do on any other day.

I remember being stuck on a rooftop during the tsunami of 2005 in South India. I was scared and I worried about my family and how worried they would be about me. This is what I do in life. My thoughts go to what my family would think when I make decisions. Wow, I am 48 years old, how crazy is that!

Back to Tony: He had those 2,000 people break down into groups of 8 and they started to talk about their feelings. Some were angry, some sad, the caregivers were comforting and some were just stunned. But what Tony helped them realize was they this was the way they always respond in any situation. The ones who were angry are angry people and typically respond with anger to all their life situations. Guilty people got guilty and so on.

Do you know somebody who no matter what is happening in their life they find a way to be ticked off? How about someone who no matter what, they are happy and excited day to day? What is your go to response in life? Regret, caution, guilt, sadness, cheerful, relaxed, joy, disgust, trust, jealousy, zeal, agony, dismay, longing, envy, shame? Wikipedia has a great list of emotions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_emotions Being emotionally fit is a huge part of my training to be a coach.

Our thoughts have a ginormous impact on our lives and when they are backed by emotions that clinches the deal. So as we become emotionally fit and we become aware of our thoughts then we begin to have more control over the direction of our lives.

Here is an awesome link to Tony Robbins blog to a song that is just wonderful and about what we think about, we bring about: http://tonyrobbinstraining.com/date/2009/02/