Our Values

corrine smileOur values shape our lives. We all have values and then we have rules for how to experience these values. When a person becomes stuck in life it is typically because something is serving them, their stuckness is feeding them more then the thought of being unstuck. So we must find something in life that we value more then the values of being stuck or depressed or running the same patterns. Fill in the blank as to what works for you.  Make a list of what you value: love, loyalty, compassion, health, charity, growth or whatever yours are. Then ask yourself what has to happen in order for you to experience or feel each of these. Because we all have rules for our values. What has to happen for one person to experience peace is very different then another person. Each of us has different rules for love. What has to happen in order for you to feel love? These can be challenging questions to ask yourself and the answers can be fuzzy. But just keep asking and you may be very surprised at what you might find. 

Mediocrity is self-inflicted, genius is self-bestowed
If you want to get unstuck in life, it is up to you, and only you! If you want to stay where you are in life, keep doing what you have been doing. Or make a change and ask yourself some questions. In India we call it self inquiry.

I feel very blessed to have found some fast tracks in my life. For me I would rather take a lear jet then a broken down bus to learn my lessons and for spiritual growth. My first jet was Deepak Chopra and Primordial Sound Meditation, second was Svaroopa yoga and now the big third is the Coaching training that I am taking with the man who coined the phrase Life Coach, Tony Robbins! This seems to be a very natural progression along my path since I have been helping people for so many years with their spiritual growth and happiness.

If you want to check out what I am learning in the Tony Robbins coaching training you can check out some free training videos.
If you or someone you know has any problems with depression this is a powerful series. Tony Robbins makes these videos available for free every once in awhile. You can also just do a search on youtube for Tony Robbins and find some very interesting lectures. My favorite his Tony’s talk at the Ted Talks conference a few years back.

I am happy to share these links as these are tools that have helped me.