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“It’s interesting because I finally am experiencing how the yoga flows and comes to me so long as I soften to receive it. I’ve noticed something else happening with me. I’m softening to myself. As I’m softening to myself, my eating habits are changing. I’m not having the cravings for sugary foods which was/is a stress response of mine. As I’m softening to myself, I’m able to hold those spaces more tenderly and miraculous is happening—I’m choosing better foods and already about 2 lbs has dropped! Thank you for being on this journey and opening the doors and space for me to do this! “
Cassandra Bowling Green, KY,
Awareness Yoga Teacher Training graduate

“I found Ivy House through a random google search, decided to step out of my comfort zone, showed up and I was immediately treated like family. I have had two amazing experiences so far and plan to continue to do so. Corrine’s yoga and meditation and Colleen’s food are truly wonderful, magical and transformative. I can’t say enough good things about Ivy House so I guess I’ll just say I’m glad to have new family in Nashville!”
Kevin – Nashville, TN.

“Yes, I am still blissed out. And so far I’m still going strong on meditating twice a day. It feels great! I taught my weekly yoga class yesterday felt like it was the best class I have taught and my students were smiling and laughing during class and I feel it’s because I feel so good from the retreat! Also, I talked to my mom the other day for an hour telling her everything about my retreat experience. And all she could say was how she hasn’t heard me sound this happy in a long time!! Thank you for everything. I’m still soaking up everything I learned and experienced.”
Julia – Columbus, Ohio.
Attended New Years Retreat

“I left The Ivy House today feeling nourished, empowered, and nurtured. You’re a radiantly loving human being…..incredibly generous and soulful. I thank you and Colleen, deeply, for the yummy awareness yoga class, world’s best chocolate banana bread, and for all that the Ivy House offers.”
Lisa Zaehringer – Clarksville, TN

“I really miss your Awareness yoga classes. I am back to my usual routine with the addition of the magic four. I am still feeling the bliss from the retreat and that peaceful joy deep inside no matter what is going on outside me. I hope to come back to Ivy House sometime soon. I love your spiritual energy and philosophy and I want to meet Satya and experience his great cooking. Thank you again for a fantastic retreat.”
– Mary Maurico – San Diego, CA,
Retreat participant and India Yoga Tour

“I’ve just been reveling in the beautiful feeling since yesterday. I had a great meditation today…(drool and all!) and then went on an hour walk…continuing you the “spirit”. Thanks to all of you for your participation…and especially Corrine and Colleen. I’ve been really thinking hard about the powerpoint…that was VERY impactful!”
-Kim Fiske, Brentwood, TN after Bliss Day at Ivy House

“I’m doing really great after the retreat. I’m doing my daily meditation and hip openers. My couch and cushions have never been this useful. I’m getting better and better at letting my thoughts and feelings come and go and calm down. Slowly I’m starting to understand what it means to be here now. My mind is quiet and peaceful. I’m grateful for all the wonderful changes that are happening to me. Thank you so much.”
With love,
Youngeun, Nashville, TN after New Years Retreat

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much i enjoy your newsletters. they are always inspirational, positive & supportive. i forwarded this one to two friends who i think will benefit from your message. corrine, you are a gift to our world.”
with love,
Connie, San Diego, CA

“I just wanted to thank you again for a beautiful, blissful day. What a great gift to give to oneself! Without going into too much detail, I have had a lot of interesting personal revelations that have come in the ‘aftermath’ of the BLISS DAY!!! So, thank you. What a great way start doing some emotional ‘spring cleaning.”
Lori Koogler, Nashville TN after Bliss Day

“I feel absolutely fantastic today and I am looking forward to sooooo much more. Thanks for sharing The Ivy House with me and making me feel so comfortable and at home. I love yoga and have been a stop starter over the years and committed more to it approximately 3 years ago..still not as much as I would like but at least every week I am in class…the more I learn the more I want. My life is more enriched by knowing you and meeting Satya too..what a wonderful chef and lovely soul.You guys rock!!!!! Such beautiful spirits have come together in your home.”
Renita, Nashville TN

“I’m so glad that you and Satya have blessed our lives. Scott and I were saying how we feel like your NV orphans because you have taken us into your lives and are giving us love unconditionally. Just like the children in India, you have blessed our lives here in TN. Such a beautiful thing. My heart is growing larger every day.”
-Suzanne Gordon, Nashville, TN

“I first skimmed your newsletter while stuck in a post-mugging bout of “doing” depression, anger, distrust, panic, anxiety and fear. Your writing was hard to digest but I knew it was true – I had to find my way through then out of those emotions. As I succumbed to suffering, my spirit and light was suffering. I’m happy to say that, with lots of help and encouragement and practice, I have turned a corner. I feel like my joyful and accepting self again. Thanks for your true thoughts. OM Shanti.”
-Holly Meyers, Washington DC

“Corrine, I woke up this morning and was so grateful for YOU! I am totally pain free. My shoulder/neck and upper arm area feels relaxed with out any tension, and those knots in the deltoid region are GONE. Next Thursday and Saturday I am already committed, but will return the next Saturday, with possibly a private lesson in between if your free.”
-Kathy B

“I have no idea how I’m on your mailing list, but I am grateful to be so. I love the updates on your orphanage, the news about the kids and the progress. And the insights you share. All so accessible and relevant and given with love. You are a lovely spirit.”
-Kathy G

“Thank you for your time and patience in teaching the meditation class over the past two weeks. I enjoyed the injection of energy and knowledge to reinstate the importance of meditation. I will endeavor to keep this wisdom close to my heart and integrated in my daily routine. From my heart to yours, Namaste.”
-Diane E, Nashville, TN

“Your guests Corrine and Satya were perfect- what a talented couple. Yoga (the best!), singing and chanting, songwriting, playing guitar, storytelling, and what incredible Indian food! Wow!”

I love the new CD of yours too…VERY nice!! I told my dad last night, that I got your CD again, and i gave him your website, so i’m sure he’ll be buying some CD’s off of you real soon. Apparently, the one he had of yours, his ex wife took!!! lol… you’re very popular in our family. Anyways, loving the CD’s, and thank you again SO MUCH!!! very much appreciated!! Have a wonderful day!!”

…“along with my my “pit” feeling or feeling of shame or sickness….it is truly gone!!! And I have you and only you to thank with all my heart!!! Your words were so powerful, and your kindness, that you took the time to invite me to walk with you on your birthday and walk through the lovely trails…made the day even more special….I have been feeling exceptionally great!”
Nancy H, Brentwood, TN