Mantra Meditation Course Online

If you can think a thought, you can meditate. Meditation should be as easy as the breath you take. But why do you have so many thoughts? Learn how to tame your monkey mind! For the first time, learn meditation online with Corrine and receive your own personal mantra.

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Mantra Meditation Course online ZOOM

If you can think a thought, you can meditate. Get your own personal mantra based on your birth time. Meditation made easy in this 30-day online zoom course.

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Mantra Meditation

The Mantra Meditation Course is taught as a 30 day support program with 2 – two hour sessions in person with Corrine. Your mantra is chosen by the date, time and place of your birth and figured out through Vedic astrology. If you do not know the time of birth we can give you a mantra for the day that you were born. The

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