Join us for a Satsang Weekend with Alaya and Corrine. Friday evening and all day Saturday, May 31st and June 1st.

We welcome you to join us for this very special offering of mind, body and spirit, this deep drink into true nature. We will open to what arises and deepens in Satsang and extending it into the silent depths of our being in gentle Presence Yoga.

Satsang means a meeting in truth where we find inquiry brings us tenderly inside everything. Tenderness brings us inside our thoughts, our beliefs, our pain, our suffering and finally into our hearts where we can no longer remain separate. Tenderness can open to the depths and the crevices of darkness revealing how we have been hiding from our heart. In this way we are in presence, directly experiencing what is actively unmet, untouched and unloved within.

As the heart opens darkness comes into the light and the healing arises from the unguarded heart. Humbleness and tenderness touch what suffers like water to fire or as a lit candle that melts away wax; all the structures in mind and body in a holy untying revealing what has always been here all along to be recovered.

Past Participant Experiences:
“I recently participated in a Deep Dive with Alaya and Corrine and let me say YES! Such a beautiful space was created and supported in which to gently explore and I am forever grateful. I was offered Satsang and silence, Presence Yoga and sustenance, kindness and nature. I experienced a profound dive into surrender. I am more in love with the process of life and am reconnected to a deeper flavor and color of my experience.”
– Raquel, Nashville TN

 “The combination of Presence Yoga with the deep drink of Satsang helped to open pathways in my being that allowed the experience of Reality to permeate the tissues and cells of my body more deeply.  This happened in a way that went beyond where my mind can track, but the impact continues to be felt in the more grounded ways that I am showing up in life since retreat.  It feels like this sort of work has the potential, over time, to permeate one’s embodied experience with greater depth and less turmoil than either modality allows on its own.”
– Todd, Asheville NC

Date: Friday Evening 5:30pm to 8:30pm and All-Day Saturday 9am to 5pm (a delicious home cooked lunch is included on Saturday)
Location: The Ivy House, 6385 Ivy Street, Nashville TN 37209
Cost: $140 for the entire weekend or $40 to attend only Friday evening
Please RSVP to secure your spot as we have limited space. We wish to maintain an intimate and nurturing environment for all participants.
Email with any inquiries or to register.

Learn more about Alaya and her teachings on her website: