Private Sessions

Embodyment with Corrine

Embodyment is a hands-on healing therapy, done fully clothed. It is profoundly relaxing and deeply healing and lasts about an hour. It is not energy work but rather physiological and stimulates the para-sympathetic nervous system which is the healing system in the body. One embodyment session has the same healing effects on the nervous system as four weeks of Awareness Yoga classes.

“Embodyment is the most effective healing technique I have ever done or had done on me.”
– Corrine

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Life Coaching with Corrine

More of a ‘soul coach’, Corrine has been helping students and clients with their life issues and direction for many years. A natural teacher, healer and counselor, Corrine has a passion for helping others and sharing the same tools that have worked in her own life.

Corrine is a certified Life Coach from a program developed by Tony Robbins and also worked alongside Deepak Chopra for many years.

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Private Sessions Price
Life Coaching $125 per session

$450 for 4 sessions

Embodyment $125 (one session)
$100 per session (twice weekly)