Our Money Guidelines and Philosophy

We have a sliding fee schedule to accommodate different budgets and also to allow anybody to attend any event at the Ivy House. We hope that if you have the money that you will pay full price for Retreats and sessions.  This allows us to continue to serve the community.

We are running somewhat of a Spiritual Community Center and so there always lots of work to be done. If funds are low, please consider becoming one of the Ivy House family of Volunteers. We have a clear structure of how the volunteer program works. As long as you are okay with rolling up your sleeves and washing floors, vacuuming, doing dishes and pulling some weeds, then there is nothing stopping you from coming to the Ivy House!



Type of Event   Price
New Years Day Retreat   $128
Bliss Day   $108 (early registration)
Mantra Meditation Class   $325 (in a group setting)
$595 (for private session)


Private Sessions with Corrine

Private Sessions   Price
Life Coaching with Corrine   $150 (discounted package rates)
Embodyment with Corrine   $125 (one session)
$100 per session (twice weekly)