Organic Gardens / Organic Food

Nourishing organic fresh food is a very important part the Ivy House. We educate and feed people from organic and fresh local ingredients. Food is your energy source, or your fuel. The food you eat, turns into your body tissue. Healthy food is vital to one’s energy level and day to day health and well being. At the Ivy House we have a huge vegetable and herb gardens, compost and edible landscape. We love to feed people and so the more food we grow, the more people we can feed!

Scott Gordon started working on a forest when Corrine and Satya first moved into 6385 Ivy Street in early 2011. The Ivy House needed lots of TLC to get to the beautifully landscaped yards that we have today. Working tirelessly, Scott mows our acre of land, has built a sturdy compost area, created a fire pit, cleared brush, pulled weeds, you name it, Scott cleared it and cleaned it. A masterful Gardener, Scott Gordon has been volunteering at community gardens in Nashville for over 20 years. We are blessed to have him here at Ivy!

You can contact Scott at