My Yoga Journey

When I discovered meditation in my 20’s, I felt as if I woke up in my life. It felt as if my life didn’t even start until I started meditating daily. Now in hindsight I know that what was different was that I started living life from my soul. I start responding instead of reacting. I became aware and conscious. I found Svaroopa yoga just a few years later, and that to me was like a meditation for the body. Svaroopa is a sanskrit word that means bliss consciousness. And so through the release of the spine, the mind gets quiet and one experiences bliss consciousness, hence the name. Now 25 years later,  my yoga practice has morphed into ‘Corrine’ yoga that I call Awareness Yoga.

The best thing about being a yoga teacher is being able to do yoga anytime, anywhere and to know how to fix your own body. This is a great gift. Yet I have always loved teaching yoga as well and  specifically to people who would not normally be able to practice American influenced workout yoga. To me yoga is a work in that anyone should be able to practice. Don’t get me wrong, I love all yoga but what I love to teach and practice is gentle Awareness yoga that brings about spinal opening and healing at the deepest level in body and spirit.

Awareness yoga can fix many long time aches and pains and even chronic conditions. By releasing tension in the spine with deep, gentle hip openers and lots of props, the mind gets quiet while certain angles stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which brings about both inner healing and peace. Learn the anatomy and physiology of what makes Awareness Yoga powerfully healing and unique. It’s all about the health of the spine. All this and much, much more in our up coming Yoga Immersion Retreat. This Immersion is for anyone who wants to learn more about their body and become ageless in body and mind.