Mantra Meditation 

Learn how to tame your monkey mind! For the first time, learn meditation online with Corrine and receive your own personal mantra. This Mantra Meditation Course is taught as a 30-day Course that includes some practical step by step guidance and personal hand holding as you start on your meditation journey. Read below for more details about the course or Email 

Meditation should be as easy as taking a breath. The most challenging part of meditation is the discipline to do it. We are here to teach anyone who wants to learn meditation. To be a support if you are already meditating and also provide a space where we hold regular group meditations. Please see our meditation schedule below as well as a description of the types of meditations that we teach.

We have a gorgeous space for meditation at the Ivy House. We believe that meditation is the key to leading a more conscious and aware life. We honor and teach many different styles of meditation. The technique that we most recommend is Mantra Meditation which is an ancient technique thousands of years old. Figured out through Vedic Astrologer, your personal mantra is chosen based on your birth information.

Mantra Meditation Course

Taught as a 30 day program, the Mantra Meditation Class includes 2 – two hour sessions at the Ivy House within one to three weeks of one another plus email follow up and a 30 day journal. Your mantra is chosen by the date, time and place of your birth and figured out through Vedic astrology. If you do not know the time of birth we can give you a mantra for the day that you were born. If you can think a thought, you can meditate.

About the Course

Your mantra is chosen by the date, time and place of your birth and figured out through Vedic astrology. If you do not know the time of birth we can give you a mantra for the day that you were born. The course is typically taught in two sessions of two hours each and can be taught privately or in a group.

Intro to Meditation 

If you can think a thought, you can meditate. Meditation should be easy as the breath you take. Which meditation technique is right for you? What is the difference between mindfulness meditation and what is a mantra? These questions and more are answered in this two hour workshop. Find out why you have thoughts and what to do with them. Learn that you don’t have to sit straight up but that sitting comfortable in a chair is best!

Train to be a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher 

Are you ready to take your meditation practice to the next level? Do you want to share the power of meditation and mindfulness with your family, friends, and community? 

If you’ve always wanted to teach meditation and mindfulness, you can apply now to join the program. Consisting of 200 hours of training in the theory, science, teaching, and practice of meditation and mindfulness, this comprehensive program has trained over 300 people worldwide. 150 hours is done at your own pace at home, then you’ll be ready for the 8-day teacher training intensive. Find out More

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a deep rest for the brain and the body. In fact during meditation studies show that we receive two and a half times deeper rest than our deepest sleep. On the average we use about two to ten percent of our brain on a daily basis. During the practice of meditation the brain waves become more coherent therefore expanding consciousness so we even become smarter by meditating! We are more rested and calm and are more intuitive. Meditators get sick 50% less than non-meditators! There is a sense of connection to others as well as to our surroundings that begins to happen spontaneously as one practices meditation.


1)  I have read many books on meditation but I still can’t seem to calm my mind. How will this course help me?

Very few people can learn meditation out of a book. Typically people become frustrated and overwhelmed by thoughts. Thoughts are part of the mind and therefore part of meditation. In Primordial Sound Meditation you will learn to favor the mantra rather than the thoughts so there is no forcing or straining.

2)  What if I don’t know my birth time?

Many people do not know their exact time of birth and some don’t even know the day they were born. If you do not know your time of birth we will give you a special mantra for the day.

3)  How does this differ from other techniques?

Typically when we meditate we want to go beyond the level of the mind and senses to the level of the soul. Therefore in this meditation technique we do not use any music or visualizations. We only use the tool of the mantra and it is used silently over and over in our minds. The mantra is the taxi or tool to take us beyond the intellect to the level of the soul.

Sunday Group Meditation Gathering

Join us two Sundays a month for a 30 minute silent group meditation. One of the Sundays will include a dinner to follow. We are here to support you in your meditation practice. Group meditation is a powerful practice. Anyone is welcome but please note that there is not meditation instruction prior. If you need instruction, please join either Lori for the Intro to Meditation or Corrine for the Mantra Meditation 30 day workshop. Please don’t park on the street as we have plenty of parking both in the front and back lots.

Fee: Love Offering

Corrine’s Meditation Path

“I learned how to meditate about in 1996. It changed my life completely. At the time that I learned meditation, I was probably the most unhealthy I had ever been at the age of 27. For two years I had been suffering with a severe ulcer that was causing me a lot of pain. A friend suggested I learn how to meditate and also gave me a copy of Deepak Chopra’s book Perfect Health. Shortly after I learned meditation and from that day on my stomach never bothered me again. I remember driving home the day I experienced my first meditation, the colors were more vibrant and I seemed more alive and aware than ever. My life became focused and procrastination disappeared. But most importantly, I gained a sense of inner peace that very day that has never left me. So now, one of the most important things that I do and also my favorite thing to do is to teach others how to meditate. I will teach anyone who wants to learn and so therefore, I teach on a donation basis.”

Please email if you have any further questions or if you would like to learn Mantra Meditation.