Life doesn’t have to be hard, we don’t have to feel pain to grow.

After many years of getting my lessons with a brick over my head from the universe, I now listen to the whispers. One of the bricks over my head was having to close down my first Yoga Studio, House of Bliss. That was a tough one. After that I made a deal with God. I knew that I was meant to serve and help people, but it could no longer be at the expense of my own happiness and energy anymore.

I had a long conversation with God about the fact that I needed support to do my work. Now, six years later after saying no to many things along the way, and having huge gut feelings for my yes’s, we now have Ivy House, an Orphanage in India  and Satya’s Guesthouse in India.

So now here we are at the Ivy House. Full of energy, service, love and guidance. We just came off of a week of powerful healing energy with Father Joshua and Ricky Yutuk. Come and soak up the vibes with the many upcoming events we have planned. Please double check the website for any last minute changes to any of our events.

Love Corrine