Living a spiritual life begins with allowing things to be as they are. If you do anything else you are caught in ego, you are trying to control. How much are you able to allow your life to unfold? Do you accept everything about yourself? Do you accept others or do try to control the lives of the people you love? Letting go and letting God is probably the most important spiritual practice I have learned. I can honestly say that I accept everything that comes my way. Whether I like it or not, I accept it. Now that doesn’t mean I lay down and have stopped living, quite the opposite in fact. Only when we relinquish control of our lives, do we really start to live.

The way you approach your meditation, is the way you approach your life. If you engage in meditation from an egoic standpoint you will constantly be trying to control your experience. When ultimately meditation is about letting go and allowing whatever happens to happen. There’s no outcome wanted both during or after meditation. During meditation there’s nothing you need to do know and nowhere you need to go. It is the one time in your day when you just simply do nothing.

My mantra each day is to allow, allow, allow things to be as they are. I believe I have gotten here by meditating for 23 years. That means situations, people, everything, I do my best to accept it all as it is. Now that does not mean I no longer strive to make things different in the future. It is in the acceptance of what is, here and now, where the power to change the future is. Creating new and different situations in the future requires making new and different decisions in the present moment, and you need clarity and focus for that.

This is one of many things that meditation has taught me. So this will be the focus of our upcoming half Bliss Day next Sunday. How to let go in meditation. How to let go in yoga and then ultimately how to relinquish control of our lives. Surrender and allow life to unfold. Listen, life happens anyway, so you can either enjoy the ride or try aimlessly to control xit. Your choice.