How Do You Find Peace Within

Even in the midst of turmoil?

It’s kind of like Hurricane Sandy or Hurricane Katryna. Even the most devastating hurricane has stillness at the deepest depths of the ocean. The eye of a cyclone is quiet. You have this awareness within you that is still even amongst your busiest day and craziest thoughts. And believe me, I know personally how crazy it can be over the holidaze!

Take a breath and do your best not to play your usual role. We have these roles we play in our family that we keep playing over and over again. Eckhart Tolle calls it the pain body. Your pain body is like a little creature that comes out whenever you are feeling fear and pain. It is the hurt child within you, the damaged part of you that is not the real you. The holidays are one big gathering of the pain body creatures.

The latest statistics are that you have 85,000 thoughts each and every day. 95% of those are the same thoughts you had yesterday. 

However the good news is that you are not your thoughts. If you visualize a triangle, a school bus, a kite in the sky, a stop sign, they come and they go in your mind as you read this. Your thoughts are just like each one of these visuals. You are not the bus or the kite, you are the awareness that is aware of those objects. Be in the awareness, the ever present witness that was the same when you were a child.

I actually remember before I was born. Yup, I promise you I do. I have always been able to draw the incubator that they placed me in, on April 29th, 1963. But before the incubator I remembered how excited I was about where I was going and I even got a sense of where I was going. I knew that I would help people spiritually and that I would always have this memory. I remember how close to God I was and I remember saying goodbye. I awoke looking up to masks all around me and I was then placed in an incubator. I started drawing the incubator for my Mom when I was about five and I recently looked up an incubator image for 1963 and there it was, the one I remember.

The next memory I have was when I was about 2 years old. Very clearly, I was sitting at the kitchen table in my high chair eating raspberry toast with my Dad as he was getting ready for work at 5am. I was thinking, I wonder if my Dad remembers when he was my age. I wonder if HE remembers before he was born. Then I decided then and there at 2 years of age, that I would remember this moment for the rest of my life. I have no idea how my 2 year old brain knew what to do next  but I froze for at least one minute. As I was still I was thinking I am going to remember this moment when I am as old as my Dad (who at that time was only about 30 years old), seemed like 80 to me then. And now coming up to 50, I remember this like it was yesterday.

This is the stillness within that I am talking about. If a two year old can do it, so can you!! It is the awareness that is witnessing your life. That is the real you. Not the thoughts, not even the memories, the real you, the real me is the stillness within that is always watching.

Happy Holidays to you from the Ivy House, from India and from my heart to yours, NAMASTE. I honor the place in you, that is the same as the place in me, and when we are both in that place, we are one. Namaste.