4 – Night Silent Retreat with Corrine and Alaya

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We welcome you to join us for this very special offering of mind, body and spirit, this deep drink into true nature. We will open to what arises and deepens in Satsang and extending it into the silent depths of our being in gentle Presence Yoga.

“Each time I enter a retreat with Alaya and Corrine there is a wonderful sense of relief and excitement for the magic that is about to unfold. And each time I leave retreat, I am sad for it to end because I long to stay in the magic created there just a bit longer…the special space for us each to explore our true nature and to just be without all the outside noise. I always leave with a deeper connection to myself, the world and the knowing within. The pairing of Satsang and Presence Yoga is nothing like I have experienced before, it allows space to nourish both body and soul, while simultaneously prepping us each to go deeper within.” –
Lindsey, Nashville, TN

Satsang is a meeting in truth where we find inquiry brings us tenderly inside everything. Tenderness brings us inside our thoughts, our beliefs, our pain, our suffering and finally into our hearts where we can no longer remain separate. Tenderness can open to the depths and the crevices of darkness revealing how we have been hiding from our heart. In this way we are in presence, directly experiencing what is actively unmet, untouched and unloved within. 

As the heart opens darkness comes into the light and the healing arises from the unguarded heart. Humbleness and tenderness touch what suffers like water to fire or as a lit candle that melts away wax; all the structures in mind and body in a holy untying revealing what has always been here all along to be recovered.

About the Retreat
Within the slowing down of retreat, we will open to what arises and deepens in Satsang, extending it into the silent depths of our being in the sacred melt in the ground bodywork that is Presence Yoga. This movement and flow back and forth is offered to be organically supporting, nourishing and deepening like a nest, an embrace, a sacred hug.

Here we are creating conditions for the nervous system to melt into open receptivity, recalibrating for presence which is our true nature. For truly presence isn’t fully embodied if it is not able to move everywhere. Grace, gravity and an open heart untie the knots of the layers of conditioning that cause the suffering. All together through the flow of the weekend, we are in service to what is arising, in recognition to serve the awakening from the dream of the separate self.                                                                                  

About Alaya Dickinson
Alaya first experienced brief glimpses leading to a spontaneous awakening in 1997. With the realization that ordinary everyday life was sacred and that each moment was the Beloved pointing us home, she continued to question and inquire into her ideas, perspectives and feelings until the veil of separation finally fell away. “With tenderness and openness, conditioning can un-manifest, leaving what naturally remains, as stillness, presence and love.” Alaya began giving Satsang in 2011 as a response to people showing up asking her to teach.

Alaya’s invitation is to meet what is here so deeply that separation cannot be maintained. When separation falls away, what remains is our true nature: open, loving, and free. But first we are invited to meet what is here, whatever it is.

Learn more about Alaya here:  https://www.alayasatsang.org/

About Corrine Champigny
After an awakening on a 30-day silent retreat in 1993, Corrine’s life transformed from being a singer-songwriter in Nashville to opening her first Yoga and Meditation Center called House of Bliss on Music Row. Her journey first began with meditation until she experienced a unique yoga class where she felt the boundaries of her physical body melt away. This was the initial  murmurings of what she now shares as Presence Yoga. 

Learn more about Corrine  www.blissed.com

I am deeply honored and excited to be of service to all who attend This Deep Drink, to my teacher and friend Alaya, who is beautifully ruthless with bowing to truth and to Well Being Retreat Center
that supports us all.”
  –  Corrine

To learn more about the retreat or to register go to www.wellbeingretreatcenter.org

Contact Corrine at corrine@theivyhouse.org or call her at 615-964-7955 if you have any questions about the program


June 18
8:00 am - 5:00 pm


The Ivy House
6385 Ivy Street
Nashville, TN 37209 United States
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Corrine Champigny
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