Cooking Classes with Satya

Satya is now only teaching cooking classes off site. Book him to come to your home!

Included in his classes are spice packets, a recipe booklet, the class, dinner and usually some yummy leftovers to take home.

Satya is the master of spices and though he can cook firey hot and spicy foods, he is can also easily  rustle up some mild and flavorful Indian cuisine.

Indian cooking utilizes an abundance of exotic spices. Spices that are healing and nurturing to the physiology. They say when you have all five tastes satisfied, only then, will you stop eating and feel full. Indian food satisfies all these tastes which each meal.

Group rates available
$55 per person or $100 for 2

Don’t want to take a class but want to experience Satya’s amazing food? Once a month join us for a delectable home cooked Indian meal.