Creating Balance In Your Life

The Privilege of a Lifetime is to be WHO YOU ARE

Do you have a passion for the possible? Are You the Hero of Your Own Life Story The Privilege of a Lifetime is to be WHO YOU ARE We are living in an epoch of human history where what we do now, the decisions we make, will be the deciding factor to whether we thrive or parish. You are a part of this. We

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New Year Brings New Beginnings

You are who you hang out with! Or as they say in sports, you are only as strong as your weakest player. If you want to work out, get fit and healthy, you have to hang with people or at least one person or two who love working out. Otherwise you just talk each other out of working out.  If you want to meditate,

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Learn How to Center Yourself in the Midst of the Holidaze

How Do You Find Peace Within Even in the midst of turmoil? It's kind of like Hurricane Sandy or Hurricane Katryna. Even the most devastating hurricane has stillness at the deepest depths of the ocean. The eye of a cyclone is quiet. You have this awareness within you that is still even amongst your busiest day and craziest thoughts. And believe me, I know

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Expect a Miracle

I decided many years ago to wake up everyday and expect a miracle to happen. When we worry about things we draw them to us.  When people spin out of control in a car, there will be a wall and they will surely hit the wall because that is where their eyes go. Where your attention goes, energy flow. What you focus on, you

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Five Simple Things to Create Balance TODAY

Five Simple Things You Can Do TODAY Get a good sleep Research shows that sleep heals the body. Haven't you ever had a sore throat and gone to bed for 10 hours and feel as good as new upon waking? Most people are sleep deprived. Get your rest!! Exercise, even just 30 minutes of brisk walking Find something you love to do. Whether it

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Happiness Is An Inside Job

Then why do people keep searching everywhere else but inside? Being a Yoga Teacher and Life Coach allows me to glimpse into my students/clients lives. I get to hear about the misery inside, the pain that I hear about is all too familiar to me. I have been content for several years now and so it is an abrupt reminder when I hear of

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Not Realizing Your Dreams

Sometimes not getting your dreams, gives you your DESTINY I moved to Nashville in 1988 with dreams of being a Country Music Star, now 25 years later, I am living the most magical life! Sometimes not achieving our dreams, helps us uncover our destiny. This is what happened to me.  Let's face it, our lives never turn out the way we think they will,

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