Events for July 23, 2024

Lotions and Potions

The Ivy House 6385 Ivy Street, Nashville

Did you know that we put over 200 different chemicals on our body's each and every day!? These chemicals get absorbed through the skin causing havoc on our hormones and immune system. Even some of the leading “all natural” products are laden with preservatives and chemicals that you would not eat or drink. Yet we unknowingly slather or spray them onto our body totally


Sunday Group Meditation

The Ivy House 6385 Ivy Street, Nashville

Join us two Sundays a month for a 30 minute silent group meditation. One of the Sundays will include a dinner to follow. We are here to support you in your meditation practice. Group meditation is a powerful practice. Anyone is welcome but please note that there is not meditation instruction prior. If you need instruction, please join either Jessica for the Intro to

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