Don’t Take Anything Personally

Don't Take Anything Personally What somebody says to you or says about you tells you more about them, then it does about you. That was a lesson that I learned many years ago and one that I still use each and every day. A natural law that says 'Don't take anything personal.' Even your experience of someone doesn't tell you anything about that person,

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Back from the Silence

When I discovered meditation in my 20's it was originally for health reasons. I had a very painful ulcer at the age of 27 and no amount of prescription antacids helped. The day I got a mantra and learned to meditate was the day my stomach pain went away! Seriously, I tell no lie. I was struggling for two years with a very painful

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Learn to Teach Gentle Yoga

I remember the first yoga class I walked into over 23 years ago. It was at the Sheraton Hotel in La Jolla, California at my first Deepak Chopra event. Can you believe my first yoga class was at a hotel? What is even more interesting is that for the next ten years I didn't even know that other people used yoga mats to practice

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Global Watch Foundation News

Kannan and Suganthi Marry! Our manager Kannan here on the right married Suganthi who is one of the children’s house mothers! So we have a love connection here at the Children’s Home, When I was in India this past January I spent an afternoon with Kannan who manages our Children’s Home in South India. Kannan was himself an orphan and Satya has been his mentor

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Learning How to Let Go and Let God

Living a spiritual life begins with allowing things to be as they are. If you do anything else you are caught in ego, you are trying to control. How much are you able to allow your life to unfold? Do you accept everything about yourself? Do you accept others or do try to control the lives of the people you love? Letting go and

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Listening to the Whispers of the Universe

Life doesn't have to be hard, we don't have to feel pain to grow. After many years of getting my lessons with a brick over my head from the universe, I now listen to the whispers. One of the bricks over my head was having to close down my first Yoga Studio, House of Bliss. That was a tough one. After that I made

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Spring Party

Join us for delicious food and lots of music and visit with a fun community We are kicking of the Spring season with a party of music and food on Saturday, April 27th, 4pm to 10pm.  All are welcome. We are on rain or shine as we will hold it inside if the rain continues. Our dear friends Elliot Root have promised to show

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