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Bliss Day – 2023

Join us for our most popular event known as Bliss Day. A half day retreat, Bliss Day includes our signature Awareness Yoga, meditation, delicious food and much more.  It is called Bliss Day for a reason! We host Bliss Day about four times a year. Subscribe to receive an email when dates are confirmed, check the calendar or email for more information and

Bliss Day – 20232023-01-10T08:11:45-06:00

Together at Home

This is a mind game, this isolating and physical distancing. Have you noticed that your mind and emotions are running crazy like an emotional roller coaster?  Do you go from pandemic fear to spontaneous sadness, to happiness when watching a good movie, to joy when you see the creative ways people are dealing with their isolation

Together at Home2020-04-12T13:44:56-06:00

Call to Action for Global Watch Foundation

This Holiday Season Please Consider Becoming a Sponsor Or make a one time donation. Your money goes a very long way in India. $40 is all it takes to put one child through school for an entire year. Read on to hear about all of the wonderful accomplishments we have made in the past year and new things to come for 2018. 100% of

Call to Action for Global Watch Foundation2019-12-05T17:55:07-06:00

Back From My Annual Week of Silence

Why a Week of Silence? When I was 27 years old I started meditating to help with the constant pain of a three year long ulcer that no amount of zantac or Prilosec would calm. The first day I started to meditate, the ulcer never bothered me again. That was the first miracle. I remember driving home after I first meditated, colors were brighter

Back From My Annual Week of Silence2019-12-05T21:21:06-06:00

The Pursuit of Happiness

If the Pursuit of Happiness is in our Constitution, then why are we so unhappy? Every year a variety of publications produce reports on the top 10 happiest countries in the world. The USA is never in the top 10 on any of the lists! Our northern neighbor Canada is in the top 10, but we are not. The pursuit of happiness is written

The Pursuit of Happiness2014-10-29T23:04:13-06:00

My Yoga Journey

My Yoga Journey When I discovered meditation in my 20's, I felt as if I woke up in my life. It felt as if my life didn't even start until I started meditating daily. Now in hindsight I know that what was different was that I started living life from my soul. I start responding instead of reacting. I became aware and conscious. I

My Yoga Journey2014-10-13T02:16:26-06:00
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