Welcome to The Ivy House ~ Growing Towards the Light

The Ivy House is a growing community
dedicated to evolving awareness and sustainable existence.
Find yourself at The Ivy House.

The Ivy House is kind of like a modern day Ashram. Our mission statement is to love, heal and serve all who show up at our door.  We offer Awareness Yoga classes and Yoga Teacher Training. Awareness Yoga is beyond restorative and focuses on spinal release and the study of consciousness. With Meditation being the basis of everything that we do, we offer meditation classes and retreats that range from one day to five. We provide classes and workshops that are designed to reduce stress, educate, and provide tools for you to bring back to your everyday life. We also offer Life Coaching, Indian Cooking classes CEU’s and MUCH more.

So whether you join us for a yoga class, an afternoon workshop, or check in and stay with us for a week or two, we are here to assist you on this crazy journey of life.

If you love delicious organic and whole foods, then you will love our gardens and kitchen! If you are the least bit curious now, what are you waiting for?

“The ego is suspicious at best and vicious at worst”
– a quote from A Course in Miracles
Choose love in every moment and forgive, forgive, forgive.

Welcome to the Ivy House website. We are located in West Nashville, Tennessee just off Robertson and White Bridge Road.

6385 Ivy Street, Nashville, TN 37209. Stop by for a Yoga Class, Group Meditation, Cooking Class and commune with like-minded people. Email corrine@theivyhouse.org


The Pursuit of Happiness

If the Pursuit of Happiness is in our Constitution, then why are we so unhappy? Every year a variety of publications produce reports on the top 10 happiest countries in the world. The USA is never in the top 10 on any of the lists! Our northern neighbor Canada is in the top 10, but […]

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Your Most Valuable Commodity

Is your time and attention. Most of us would sooner hand a stranger $5 then give them our time and attention. Therefor the most valuable commodity in your busy life, is truly your time and attention. What do focus your time and attention on? Wherever you put your attention, grows. Pretty simple math really, but […]

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