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Join us for our most popular event,
Bliss Day.

A half day retreat, Bliss Day includes our signature Awareness Yoga, meditation, delicious food and much more. 
It is called Bliss Day for a reason!

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Soulful Sundays: Meditate Together at the Ivy House every Sunday

Gather in a nourishing, like minded community to help support your inner journey and feed your soul. This meditation gathering is free and hosted by Corrine, Meenu and Mahaila.
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Awareness Yoga Classes

With hip openers, spinal twists and core opening, Awareness Yoga for the most part is done on the floor and appropriate for all levels including first timers and long time practitioners of yoga.
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Yoga and Meditation Retreats

Gentle yet powerful practices that restore balance to your nervous system, rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.
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Dedicated to empowering and supporting women as they navigate the second half of life with grace, strength, and a deep sense of wisdom. Hosted by two lifelong friends with over 35 years of friendship, this podcast offers a fresh and feminine perspective on living a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life. Through insightful conversations, inspiring stories, and practical tips, we explore the realms of mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. WO50 podcast conversations aims to help women soften into their lives and embrace the beauty and value they bring to society. Join us as we celebrate the unique experiences and contributions of women over 50, encouraging them to embody wellness and wisdom as they walk in the world as quiet, powerful forces. Discover the transformative potential of ancient wisdom combined with modern well-being approaches. Gain practical insights to live a healthier, more fulfilling life, cultivating balance and elevating your overall wellness journey.


benefits & outcomes


benefits & outcomes

Thank you for your time and patience in teaching the meditation class over the past two weeks. I enjoyed the injection of energy and knowledge to reinstate the importance of meditation. I will endeavor to keep this wisdom close to my heart and integrated in my daily routine. From my heart to yours, Namaste.

Diane E, Nashville, TN

I just wanted to thank you again for a beautiful, blissful day. What a great gift to give to oneself!

Lori Koogler, Nashville TN after Bliss Day

I found Ivy House through a random google search, decided to step out of my comfort zone, showed up and I was immediately treated like family.

Kevin – Nashville, TN.

I am still feeling the bliss from the retreat and that peaceful joy deep inside no matter what is going on outside me.

Mary Maurico – San Diego, CA

I have turned a corner. I feel like my joyful and accepting self again.

Holly Meyers, Washington DC

Corrine, I woke up this morning and was so grateful for YOU! I am totally pain free. My shoulder/neck and upper arm area feels relaxed with out any tension, and those knots in the deltoid region are GONE.

Kathy B.

I feel absolutely fantastic today and I am looking forward to sooooo much more. Thanks for sharing The Ivy House with me and making me feel so comfortable and at home.

Renita, Nashville TN

Yes, I am still blissed out. And so far I’m still going strong on meditating twice a day. It feels great!

Julia – Columbus, Ohio

I’m doing really great after the retreat. I’m doing my daily meditation and hip openers. My couch and cushions have never been this useful. I’m getting better and better at letting my thoughts and feelings come and go and calm down. Slowly I’m starting to understand what it means to be here now. My mind is quiet and peaceful. I’m grateful for all the wonderful changes that are happening to me. Thank you so much.

Youngeun, Nashville, TN after New Years Retreat

I left The Ivy House today feeling nourished, empowered, and nurtured.

Lisa Zaehringer – Clarksville, TN

I’ve just been reveling in the beautiful feeling since yesterday. I had a great meditation today…(drool and all!) and then went on an hour walk…continuing you the “spirit”.

Kim Fiske, Brentwood, TN after Bliss Day at Ivy House