Awareness Yoga at The Ivy House

Balance your body, heal your heart

Awareness Yoga at the Ivy House is for any  ‘body.’ Profoundly relaxing and physically healing Awareness Yoga decreases the sympathetic/stress response in the physiology while increasing the rest and digest or parasympathetic nervous system creating optimal health and balance in the body. With hip openers, spinal twists and core opening, Awareness Yoga for the most part is done on the floor and appropriate for all levels including first timers and long time practitioners of yoga.

Yoga means union of the individual mind with universal consciousness.The root of the word yoga in English is the biblical word ‘yoke.’

Corrine has been teaching Awareness Yoga aka Bliss Yoga for over 20 years and originally studied Svaroopa Yoga with Rama Berch in San Diego, California. In 1998 she became the Founding owner of House of Bliss, a yoga/meditation studio in Nashville before moving to southern California in 2001. It was at that time that Corrine started working for Deepak Chopra at his world renowned Center in San Diego, California. Corrine was involved in the development of the Chopra Center Yoga Certification program and directed the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga program before moving back to Nashville.

Corrine loves sharing this profoundly opening yoga with others. Whether you are new to yoga or not, a two hour AwarenessYoga class on a Saturday morning will brighten your day and lighten your mind.

Description of the Yoga Classes at the Ivy House

Awareness Yoga 90 minute classes: Appropriate for both beginners and long time practitioners of yoga. Whether you are new to yoga or not, any of the 90 minute classes are appropriate for all levels.

Awareness Yoga Basics: Taught on Saturday afternoons at 3pm this class is perfect if this is the first time you have ever taken a yoga class, if you are struggling with your body and looking for some healing release of if this suits your time slot better then the rest! Taught by Jessica Self who has been studying with Corrine for the past three years. Jessica found Awareness Yoga after a car accident left her with a frozen shoulder. Now three years later, Jessica practices Awareness Yoga daily and loves sharing this healing yoga with others.

Deeper Awareness Yoga: The Saturday morning 10am class is the only Deeper class we have at the moment. This two hours of heaven is a highlight for many long time students of Corrine’s. Please note that you must take a minimum of four 90 minute classes at the Ivy House before taking this two hour Deeper Awareness Yoga class.

Colleen and Jessica sub for Corrine when she is out of town.

Colleen and Jessica found Awareness Yoga while taking classes with Corrine over the past few years and they are both now fully trained in this style of yoga.

 Awareness Yoga Classes

*Package Deals 6 Month Expiration
Type of Class Day of Week # of Classes Class Length Price
Awareness Yoga Mondays and Thursdays 1 90 Minutes $15
Awareness Yoga Basic Saturdays 1 90 Minutes $15
Deeper Awareness Yoga Saturdays 1 2 Hours $20
Deeper Awareness Yoga Saturdays 5 2 Hours $90
Any 90 Minute Class Mon, Thurs, Sat. 10 90 Minutes $135
Any Class Mon, Thurs, Sat. Unlimited (Month) Any Class $180

    Awareness Yoga Immersion YTT
    (Yoga Teacher Training)

    Awareness Yoga Immersion is a five day Yoga retreat and training of the intricate details of the first twelve poses that are the infrastructure of Awareness Yoga. Whether you want to deepen your own personal practice, or if you are contemplating teaching Awareness Yoga, or even if you are already teaching yoga but want to learn more about this profoundly opening and restorative practice, this retreat will teach you how to be your own yoga teacher.

    Two Awareness Yoga Immersion dates to choose from:
    May 1  to 3 and  June 5 to 7, 2015

    Taught over two weekends, this Immersion if perfect for those who have to work all week but want to attend an intensive Awareness Yoga training. The same as the five day training but broken up over two months, the two weekend Yoga Immersion is for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of Awareness Yoga and help your own body heal through this deeply restorative practice. Their will be homework and daily yoga to do in between the two yoga weekends.

    5 Day Yoga Immersion over Labor Day Weekend
    Thursday, September 3, 6pm to Monday, September 7th at 3pm, 2015

    The August/September Awareness Yoga Immersion is a five day Yoga training and absorption into the intricate details of the first twelve poses which are the infrastructure of Awareness Yoga. Whether you want to deepen your own personal practice, or if you are contemplating teaching Awareness Yoga or if you just need a retreat then this is where you want to spend your Labor Day holiday weekend.

    • Experience the intricate details of the 12 foundational poses of Awareness Yoga.
    • Learn how to teach/share the 12 basic poses including the propping of the varieties of bodies you will encounter, how to talk both yourself and another person into and out of the postures.
    • Go through alignment and hands on adjustments of each pose
    • Find out how to do Awareness Yoga affectively with no props
    • Learn the opening and closing body Awareness Shavasana
    • Sanskrit words
    • Intro to Awareness Yoga anatomy and physiology
    • Manual/Course materials on all of the above

    This course is a pre-requisite to the Ivy House Awareness Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

    Course Fee due 30 days prior to start date: $495 including course, materials and meals. Within 30 days of course start date the Course fee is $550 all inclusive accept accommodations at Ivy House.

    Embodyment with Corrine (Private Yoga Therapy)

    Embodyment is a hands on healing therapy done fully clothed. It lasts about an hour and sends the individual into a profound state of healing. It is not energy work but utilizes each person’s own para-sympathetic nervous system which is the healing system in the body. One embodyment has the same healing affects on the nervous system as six weeks of Awareness yoga.

    “Embodyment is the most effective healing technique I have ever done or had done on me.”

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